Informal Roads: Impact of Local Transport Routes on Remote Arctic Communities (seminar-discussion), Ust-Kut, Russia, 9 August 2021

A workshop was organized with representatives of local authorities and Irkutsk oil company to present preliminary results of the Informal Roads project. Vera Kuklina and Natalia Krasnoshtanova made presentation on the impact of local roads on the social and natural environment of the northern territories and Stanislav Podusenko gave an overview of collaboration between artists and scientists in ArtScience projects. During the Q&A session all participants discussed implications of the presented work for future convergence of Arts, Science, and Local and Indigenous knowledge.

Domesticating Landscapes: Re-considering Settlers Perspectives on the Arctic Cities through ArtScience Collaboration (digital multimedia presentation), International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS X), Arkhangelsk, Russia, 15-20 June 2021

Olga Zaslavskaya, Vera Kuklina and Stanislav Podusenko organized a virtual Roundtable around the multimedia presentation. The presentation was the result of collaborative efforts of scholars and artists from different countries and local residents from Nadym, Salekhard and Kogalym. It set up agenda for transdisciplinary inquiries of urban sustainability in the Arctic and beyond.

Аrt and Geography Confluences: Perspectives on Collaboration and Future Imaginaries (panel discussion), Annual Meeting of American Association of Geographers (AAG), Seattle, USA, 7-11 April 2021

Artists, geographers and curator from different countries gathered together online during the session to discuss arts and geography collaboration based on experience of art-driven research/research-based art from different angles defined by the position of an artist, researcher and curator. While all participants work closely with local and Indigenous communities, it is acknowledged that Arts, Science, Local and Indigenous Knowledge collaboration needs to be developed at all stages of research.

Converging Science, Art, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Understanding Change and Sustainability in the Arctic (virtual workshop), Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), Lisbon, Portugal, 19-26 March 2021

The ASSW workshop gathered representatives of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, local and Indigenous communities to frame discussions and further activities: ● To explore creative possibilities of art, science, local and Indigenous knowledge. ● To examine drivers of infrastructure change in the Arctic social-ecological systems. ● To discuss collaborative scientific and artistic practices. ● To define the most effective ways to represent co-created understandings of Arctic sustainability for the wider audience.