MUST Expedition 2022

May 17, 2023 | Expeditions

The MUST project team visited Luleå in May/June 2022 in order to investigate how this northern city works to become more sustainable. The city is going through a dramatic period of growth now, expecting to add 20,000 residents to the population of 80,000. It is the site of a Facebook server farm and a new fossil-free steel plant. A new battery factory and an additional steel plant are coming to nearby cities. Luleå is building new neighborhoods to accommodate the expected new residents. Overall, Luleå is an interesting case study of how cities manage change in adapting to the new environment of the Arctic. Robert Orttung, Director of Research, Sustainable GWU


May 23

  • ArtSLInk Creative team
ArtSLInk Creative team

May 24

May 25

May 26

  • Workshop CITY SKETCHING by Aleksandra Ianchenko
  • Sketching in the city
  • Sketches by participants

May 27

  • Artist Workshop CITY SKETCHING: Discussion by Aleksandra Ianchenko


May 30

  • Meeting with Elin Håkansson, Destination Development (Tourism) Kiruna Lapland at Folkets Hus
  • Meeting with Nina Eliasson (Planning and Development Manager of Kiruna Municipality, managing the transformation and move of the city) at the Municipal Building
  • Tour of Kiruna Mine LKAB, the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine

May 31


June 1


June 2

  • Discussion about social sustainability and urban transformations with Eugenia Segerstedt (sociologist and historian at Luleå University of Technology) 
  • Roundtable of ArtSLInK progress: Workshop and discussion by Olga Zaslavskaya

June 3

  • Virtual meeting with Dag Avango (Professor of History at LTU) about the history of technological and cultural change in the Arctic
  • Meeting with Jenny Ekerljung (organizer for youth at Luleå Municipality) at Navet (Youth center)
  • Meeting with Nils Harnesk (Chair of Luleå Lokaltrafik LLT, Public transport system) at LTU
  • Meeting with Johan Sandström (Professor of Business/Sociology at LTU and author of Gruvans Makt (The Power of the Mine)

June  4

  • Visiting  the exhibition СORONASAMLIGEN, Boden

June 5 – 8, 13

Photos by Zoe Garbis, Vera Kuklina, Rebecca Alty, Robert Orttung, Marya Rozanova-Smith

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