Arctic InfraScapes 2023

Apr 26, 2023 | Exhibitions


Arctic InfraScapes is a series of events during the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) 2023 including a science session, an exhibition, and a roundtable, where INFRA stands for infrastructures and the SCAPES refers to the multiple ways of convergence of Arts with diverse knowledge systems such as Scientific, Local and Indigenous Knowledge (ArtSLInK). These events provide a platform for artists and scholars to discuss the outcomes of their investigations and observations and share their experiences and discuss future collaboration within the ArtSLInK network.

The scientific session aims to discuss interim results of several ongoing scientific and art-based research projects that focus on the Arctic and its infrastructures. 

The exhibition presents interim results of several ongoing research projects and displays the artifacts collaboratively created by artists and scholars. Its semiotics develops through visual and verbal modes of communication that are based on various representations of distance, time, and space within the ontological frameworks of the Arctic infrascapes. Working with different types of layers in space and time, artists and scholars co-create new meanings and forms of visual narratives as part of transmedia storytelling.

Organized by Vera Kuklina, USA and Olga Povoroznyuk, Austria 

Exhibition curated by Olga Zaslavskaya, Hungary and James Temte, USA

Designed by Stanislav Podusenko, Montenegro and Evgenii Kuksenko, USA

Artists and Scholars

  • Magnus Fredriksson, Sweden
  • Aleksandra Ianchenko, Estonia 
  • Tommy Jensen, Sweden
  • Diana Khaziakhmetova, USA
  • Alexander Kholodov, USA
  • Dmitrii Kobylkin, Russia
  • Natalia Krasnoshtanova, Russia
  • Stanislav Ksenofontov, USA
  • Mariia Kuklina, USA
  • Vera Kuklina, USA
  • Zosya Leutina, Georgia
  • Julia Levykina, Georgia
  • Nikki Lindt, USA 
  • Beili Liu, USA
  • Mariana Marakhovsky, Switzerland 
  • Olga Lo, Hungary
  • Victoria Miles, Norway
  • Kelsey Nyland, USA
  • Robert Orttung, USA
  • Andrey Petrov, USA
  • Stanislav Podusenko, Montenegro
  • Olga Povoroznyuk, Austria
  • Khadbaatar Sandag, Mongolia
  • Johan Sandström, Sweden
  • Max Sher, Germany 
  • Nikolay Shiklomanov, USA
  • Vera Solovyeva, USA
  • Jacob Tafrate, USA

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Photos by Alersandra Ianchenko, Nikki Lindt, Beili Liu, Olga Lo, Vera Kuklina, Vera Solovyeva, Mariana Marakhovsky.

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