Remote Roadscapes and Beyond on ArtSLInK Youtube

May 8, 2022 | News

Digital multimedia presentation Remote Roadscapes and Beyond introduced during the session Converging Science, Art, and Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Understanding Change and Sustainability in the Arctic at the Arctic Science Summit Week (Tromso, Norway) held 26 March — 1 April 2022) is now available for watching on ArtSLInK Youtube.

This digital multimedia presentation aims to go beyond reconstruction of particular roadscapes and explores the relationships between humans and non-humans entangled in these assemblages.


  • Vera Kuklina
  • Natalia Krasnoshtanova
  • Irina Bilichenko
  • Ekaterina Shramko
  • Zosya Leutina
  • Yulia Levykina
  • Dmitrii Kobylkin 
  • Viktor Bogdanov 
  • Oleg Sizov

Special thanks to Nikolay Shiklomanov, Aleksandr (Sasha) Kholodov and Aleksei Ganiugin

Text by Vera Kuklina 

Music by Wawrzyniec Jan Dąbrowski and Oil Texture

Video and photo by Stanislav Podusenko and Natalia Krasnoshtanova

Voice over Pauline Mnev 

Сurated by Olga Zaslavskaya and Stanislav Podusenko

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