2021 Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) Annual Community Meeting

Nov 20, 2021 | News

ArtSLInK team members made three presentations of artistic works, community engagement and Domesticating Landscapes projects at the 2021 Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) Annual Community Meeting (8—12 November, 2021). For the first time, conference included Art Highlights as a part of the program to highlight and share art-based research or education/outreach programming. 

We used this option to share our experience of work within ArtSLInK approach which emphasizes the need in decolonization practices that encompass simultaneous, equitable, co-productive engagement of science, arts, and place-based local and Indigenous Knowledge systems. While the first presentation gave an overview of ArtSLInK projects, team member James Temte in his presentation had focus on community engagement with stronger emphasis on communities. Finally, the presentation on Domesticating Landscapes: Re-considering settlers perspectives on the Arctic cities  was concentrated on Arts and Science collaboration.

Digital Media presentation Domesticated Landscapes

Authors and artists

  • Yanina Boldyreva
  • Rasa Čepaitinė
  • Zoska Leutina
  • Vera Kliueva
  • Vera Kuklina
  • Aleksandra Orlova
  • Stanislav Podusenko 
  • Olga Zaslavskaya 
  • with participation of 
  • Sofia Beloshitskaya
  • Roman Fedorov
  • Constantine Lagosha
  • Maxim Michugin’
  • Aleksand Pechkin
  • Yulia Pechkina

Text Editor Vera Kuklina
Translation by Pauline Mnev
Voice over Pauline Mnev
Music by Kirbi
Motion design by Stanislav Podusenko
Curated by Olga Zaslavskaya

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